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Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

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This good looking device is not only a good speaker, but something that can easily be placed on your desk or table and is very likely to catch an eye of whoever looks at it. It can easily be carried out for your parties and picnics.The speaker also has a phone hands free functon, so you can make your voice or internet/video calls with it.


a. Bluetooth speaker,

b. Hands free device (use it to receive calls)

c. USB port and Micro SD card slot,

d.Operating range (approximately 10 meters)

Pair it with your computer to use it as a multimedia center. Or to use it as a speaker and mic for your multimedia calls.If you dont want to use it as your bluetooth device, this also has a USB port which enables you to plugin a pendrive or your laptop and enjoy your favorite music.

Delivery time: 5 working days

Product Code: HB067P

Cash on delivery: Available at 7.5% extra. 

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