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Increase the range of your Wifi using this wifi repeater

  • Rs. 1,399.00
  • Save Rs. 200

This comfast Wi-Fi repeater is a simple device that you can place within the range of your Wi-Fi router. The repeater will receive the signals and repeat/further broadcast it further, so that you can access your network and internet connection further away.So, for example, if your wireless router has a range of 100 feet indoors.If you place the repeater about 75 feet away, the range will increase to 175 feet! And you can use as many repeaters as you want to increase the range and to receive the signal in further corners of your home or office.

A one time setup is required to select the Wi-Fi router whose range has to be extended and it’s password if any. After that, simply plug it into any electrical socket and forget about it.

Delivery: 5-7 working days

Product Code: HB024

Cash on delivery: Available. Additional charges of 7.5% on bill value will be applicable. 

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