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Super fun Baby Tumbler Doll

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Nothing excites babies more than this cute looking Tumbler Doll.

It is a classic, all-time favorite baby toy that can do wonders for your baby. It wobbles and makes soft and sweet sounds, which attracts and makes them to try and touch it. It never falls... thanks to its awesome balancing power and comes to its original standing position after some time.

Always smiling and nodding its head, it can soothe a crying baby and calms them. Give any name to this toy, it never fails to bring fun and joy to your little child. It improves a baby's hearing, touch and grasping abilities and is completely safe for your infant baby.

Product Description
Perfect for Baby 0-18 months (varies by baby height, size)

Delivery time: 5-7 working days

Product code: HB321

Cash on delivery: Available for 7.5% extra cost.

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