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Pocket size alcohol breath tester

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Dont know if it is safe to drive after a few drinks at a party. This pocket size gadget indicates to you on how much alcohol is in your breath, so that you know when it is safe to drive home or not.The tester has a test range of 0.00 - 0.19% BAC and 0.0-1.9 g/l.

For best use, it is advisable to test after 15 minutes of drinking as the alcohol takes 15 minutes to get into blood. In case of multiple tests, please wait for 5 minutes before the next test.Guidelines for safety:under 0.02% BAC (low or zero alcohol in breath.)

Over 0.02% BAC (borderline alcohol in breath. Unsafe to drive.)over 0.05% BAC (high alcohol in breath, absolutely unsafe to drive!).The gadget comes with 4 extra mouthpieces and requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Delivery: 5-7 working days

Product Code: HB009

Cash on delivery: Available. Additional charges of 7.5% on bill value will be applicable. 

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